HAunted Castle gaming Inc.

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Our mission

Create games that empower players

Games are a powerful tool in education and personal growth. We want to make Genesis into a tool that empowers players to learn new concepts, reinforce hard skills, and practice intersocial behaviours.

“In the future, we can expect that not much difference will exist between education and entertainment.
We just have to put intelligence behind the entertainment” - James Lester

Our Values

At Haunted Castle Gaming Inc. we believe that corporate values should be actions (Verbs) that we can actually act on compared to just things (Nouns) like most companies. So instead of “Integrity” we have “Speak Your Mind”.

  1. Speak your mind - If you have something to say you should feel comfortable enough to say it. Every thought is valuable. You never know what will be the next big breakthrough.

  2. Take an unconventional method - We need to value the courage to try something that no one else is doing. That is what will make us succeed in the end.

  3. Keep it simple - At the end of the day, we want to make sure we’re focusing on the things that matter and not overcomplicating things for the sake of it.

  4. Make long term progress - We believe a lot in investments. Don’t think about just today or tomorrow, but always be thinking about the next 5 years and how your actions now will impact us then.

  5. Include Everyone - Everyone is important and valuable. We need to make sure we include everyone in everything we do.

  6. Always Be Learning - We need to make sure that everything we do leads us to new learnings. If you’re not learning and not having fun with what you’re doing then what was the point?

Our Story


Haunted Castle Gaming Inc. was founded by Assad Quraishi. With a passion for game design and an intuitive knowledge on how to sell card games, Assad knew that starting his own gaming company was his destiny. Ever since he was little, he would emulate his brother who used to make games to pass the time. As the family grew up, they started playing more commercial games and less homemade games, but that passion to make his own game never died.

Assad has played Magic: The Gathering, OverPower, Pokemon Collectable Card Game, Yu-Gi-Oh, and a dozen other games and as he would go from one game to another he would always find a way to sell his old collection (often times at a profit) to fuel the next collection. His mom would always lovingly laugh at his accomplishments and tell him to go into business. He never took this seriously and would just kept playing games. Eventually, while attending high school at Galt Collegiate Institute, he began to make his own card games. There were hundreds of failures but he kept designing games. Eventually, he had his first success in a game called Origins. This was the first game to give way to his design of a Tactical Collectable Card Game. He spent years refining the game, learning how to approach testing and design, and how to scale the game upwards.

Eventually, in September of 2014, Assad approached his best friend, Lionel, and ask if the two of them would pair together to bring Origins to the public. To do this they had to make serious revisions to the game, and a lot of the key design concepts were scraped to make the game easier to comprehend. These changes were large enough that they had to rename the game, and that was when they landed on calling the game Genesis: Battle of Champions. Shortly afterwards, they recruited the help of Arthur to do the initial visual design and some of the artwork.

All of this lead them to their first public playtesting session on June 15… and they rest is history:

Company Milestones

Reviews and Presentations

A written review of Genesis: Battle of Champions on the In2TheReview website.



Interviews with This Week in Geek at GenreCon 2018 and 2019

2018 Interview (30 minutes in)

2019 Interview


Why are we called Haunted Castle Gaming Inc.?

If you go back to when Assad started his journey to making games, and where he met Lionel, you will find yourself at GCI (Galt Collegiate Institute), their High School. This school was best known for two things:

  1. Looking like a castle (seriously, check it out)

  2. Being haunted (


The Team

Assad Quraishi,  CEO of Haunted Castle Gaming Inc.     LinkedIn

Assad Quraishi, CEO of Haunted Castle Gaming Inc.



Game Testers

Assad Quraishi
Lionel Nunes
Lincoln Nunes
Chris Harnarine
Waseem Quraishi
Ahson Quraishi
Ian Tyson
James Patterson
Jerry Seto
Jordan Doherty
Kevin Costello
Munaum Qureshi
Stephen Chan
... and many more

There are so many more people who we would love to credit here but can't. We still appreciate all of your efforts.

Genesis: Battle of Champions ™ is a Tactical Collectable Card Game, which combines concepts from collectable card games such as deck building, collecting, and rule text on the cards, along with familiar concepts of tactical games


Genesis is sold in hobby shops across southern ontario and online on Amazon or at