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Enter the castle


Haunted Castle Gaming is a small game studio based in Toronto, founded on the belief that life should be entertaining and educational. We wanted to make a company that helps people learn in a safe and fun space by thinking outside of the box, constantly trying new things, and by breaking the status quo. Our mantra is:

"Learn. Pivot. Keep Moving."

We are currently making our flagship game, Genesis: Battle of Champions. We are making a game that helps the players learn hard skills of resource management and strategical thinking, in a wonderfully designed fantasy based game. Through well crafted worlds, engaging game play, and giving the player agency we believe that this encourage players to explore the games they are playing. Through this exploration, we give the players the opportunity to learn about history, explore literary themes, and practice certain skills.

We aim to make games that go beyond being fun to play, but are also educational, engaging, and allows the player to be fully involved in them.


Our goal

There are many things we want to try to accomplish and be held accountable to as the company grows.

  1. We want to make the world more entertaining while providing more educational opportunities 
  2. We want to be creators who carry views of equality to everything we make
  3. We want to remove the hurdle for people to learn entry level skills
  4. We want to help our team achieve their dreams 
  5. We want to never settle

The Team

 Assad Quraishi  CEO / Game Designer / Game Developer / Game Tester / Content Creator

Assad Quraishi
CEO / Game Designer / Game Developer / Game Tester / Content Creator

 Lionel Nunes  Co-Founder / Game Developer

Lionel Nunes
Co-Founder / Game Developer

 Arthur Tanga  Art Director / Artist.

Arthur Tanga
Art Director / Artist.

Game Design Team

Assad Quraishi
Robert Morris
Carl Lilley

Digital Team

Waseem Quraishi
Assad Quraishi
Carlos Agullo
Fareed Quraishi

Art Team

Arthur Tanga
Leslie Ann Kam
Damjan Gjorgievski
Rumyana Zarkova

Content Team

Assad Quraishi
Mariana Monzon
Kurtis Rossdeutcher
Carl Lilley
Louise Shen

Game Testers

Lincoln Nunes
Chris Harnarine
Waseem Quraishi
Ahson Quraishi
Ian Tyson
James Patterson
Jerry Seto
Jordan Doherty
Kevin Costello
Munaum Qureshi
Stephen Chan
... and many more

There are so many more people who we would love to credit here but can't. We still appreciate all of your efforts.

Our Games

Genesis is our flagship game, but we have other games in the work. Keep checking back to learn about those games. Until then, click on the Genesis Logo to learn more about it.


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