Introduction - Who are we?

Hello all,

Since this is our first blog, I figured a small introduction would be appropriate. I am Assad, the founder of Haunted Castle Gaming and an avid card game player. I have been playing card games since ‘94 when I first picked up a deck of Magic: The Gathering. Since then I’ve a series of TCGs, both small and large. My favourites being OverPower, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and of course Magic.

I founded Haunted Castle Gaming with the core belief belief that games are amazing learning tools. I believe that games should, "enable and facilitate learning". I have personally learned so much from games and I want to contribute to helping others learn just as much. A prime example was learning about “the stack” from Magic; or being able to practice some of Sun Tzu’s concepts from The Art of War in Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments. And on a low level, it’s a great place to practice math and reading comprehension.


A little bit of a background on the name of the company. This whole endeavour started when I approached my friend and told him I had a dream about making my own game. He immediately jumped on board, and we made our first game then. That was 2003, and I was in grade 10 at Galt Collegiate Institute in Cambridge. Our high school was known for two things: Looking like a castle and being haunted. As an homage to that day, I named the company after my high school.

Normally I will end my blogs with a key takeaway that I want you to ponder, question, and debate me against. But seeing how this is the first blog we’re posting, I don’t think that's needed. So let’s just end with a simple question: What’s one lesson or concept you learned from playing games?

That’s all for now!